Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Holiday Reading 2010

The summer season screams beach reads.. you know the type... there is normally romance involved,normally the size of a medium brick. Going into the bookshop they are stacked beside the travel guides and spanish phrase books... Maybe you are a thriller/mystery reader and like nothing more then  sticking on your shades and opening up the latest slasher/murder type book.Either way summer books are fun..They become more sociable.. we go with friends to the beach and each have books that we read side by side without saying a word apart from snack breaks and quick mentions of good quotes  we have come across.

Have you ever gone on holiday and you are sitting around the pool then out from the beachbags come the various books from surrounding loungers...
 I have often wondered about the people reading the books.Sometimes you can guess what book will come out just by looking at the person... I have yet to see a  lad that will pull out a self help book to read.. Men never seem to carry their beach essentials in bags either , they come with the bare minimum.. towel, sunscreen and book.. thats it !
I people watch as I gaze at the selection of the books poolside.. a few thrillers.. a self help book being read by two ladies a couple of beach loungers apart , the  book, newly released and clearly very popular.. There are a number of romance novels and all books are by popular authurs often found in the top sellers lists. I have to wonder were they all picked up in duty free before they got on the plane as impulse purchases or were they thought of weeks in advance and put to one side carefully to be saved as a treat on holidays.

If you  also want to know those reading the best books on the beach.. they are the ones the colour of lobsters from having forgotten to turn over as they quikly flicked pages in their eagerness to find out what was happening in their blockbuster.
There are also those that like to enjoy lying outside in the grass preferably with a picnic blanket underneath as they lie on their back with book in hand as the sky floats by above them..
Personally I have not developed an outdoor reading position I am comfortable with.. let's be honest with the amount of sunshine I get here I dont get much of a chance to try any of them out..

Then summer ends and the cooler evenings set in.. Thoughts of reading outside is far from our minds as we put on jumpers and thick wooly socks.. Hobbies that involve staying in and not freezing  come to mind ..reading is perfect for Autumn too.
What could be better on cold days then a stack of books ,plate of cookies and a mug of something hot as we  turn each page ...but for now we still have some summer ...

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