Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear Mr.Postman

I do love seeing my postman coming through the gate with parcels in his hand...it sure makes a change from bills.. but anyay I digress....
He came today with a little package(see below)

The Book Depository were having a 24 flash sale thingy where they would pick a different book every hour of the 24 hours and sell it at much reduced prices..
The first few hours were not great but I picked up this book for 2.51
If you love books esp book bargains then there is often sales on there and if you sign up to their email they send all future sales/discount codes  right to your inbox. Delivery is of course free all the time.

So tell me, where do you all like to buy your books from??
Local bookshops or on-line all the time??


  1. I totally missed the one deal at the 24 hours offer that I wanted.

    I buy pretty much all of the books I read online. The nearest bigger bookstore is about 50km away, so it makes more sense to buy books online.

    1. Did you get any bargains?
      The really good books get picked up within the first half hour of each new hour . I think the 24 hour sale is a great idea!! I esp love the free delivery :0)
      It has got to the stage where I buy most of my books on-line too but every so often I have to go into my local stores just be around books again.. I love bookstores..I could stay in there for hours at a time.