Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kindle Books This Week

I tend to use my Kindle the most often recently. It is compact, contains every genre I could want to read from, as well as some audible books( I have the Keyboard type) .
I am a big fan of real books but this past year I have really loved the Kindle.
I love that I can buy a book in America , perhaps a new release and then within seconds I am reading it...... Now as fast as my lovely postman is he can't beat this..

I did have another Ereader previous to this one and it was a complete let down.. I believe it has been changed quite a bit since the edition that I had.
Would I recommend a kindle... Ohhhh Yeah!!!!

It is really good for battery life and once charged lasts weeks .
It is pretty good in the glare of sunshine .
It is lightweight( will not cause biceps the size of The Hulk)
Easy to use..

Sooooooo on to what I have begun to read this week.

 Fifty Shades Of Grey... not for the faint hearted... they are at it every five mins using various straps and cable ties. Great fun to talk to people about... ahemmmm sort of.... ;0)
 George R.R Martin... Okayyy I know you are a good writer and I have begun to fall for your writing style but it is going to take me weeks to finish this... and I am a fast reader!!!!
 The Lollipop Shoes... This is the second book in the Chocolat series by Joanne Harris.. Very good writer and she describes her characters very well. You do feel like you know them all by the time you finish the book.

John Green can do no wrong by alot of people(Esp Nerd Fighters) This is another great book of his.. This one I have just finished.. Did really like it... I give it 4 stars... I take one of because of the ending..

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  1. I don't have a Kindle but I do have the app and LOVE it! I use a kindle page on Facebook that lists the new free books offered every day but only for 24 hours! I've read lots of great books that way and the best part is its FREE!!!!! :)