Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Claws For Alarm by Karen MacInerney

It’s great to be back visiting one of my favorite fictional places ,  on Cranberry island , with one of my top favorite mystery characters Natalie Barnes . This  is book 8 in the Gray Whale Inn mystery series with owner Natalie Barnes   . In this book we meet the notorious Francine Hodges , she is a domineering , hateful woman who has grand ideas for the look of the island despite what the rest of the homeowners think , she is determined to get what she wants no matter who she has to walk all over to get it , this does not bode well! 

Natalie has a yoga retreat visiting her Inn and there is very little serenity around the island especially when a body is soon found . I loved this story , Francine is a character you just love to hate and her long suffering husband was admirable , throw in some red herrings and this was a terrific plot . I loved every page !

At the end of the book is some very tasty recipes to try out yourself and they are mouthwatering let me tell you !

I received this book in exchange for an honest review . This book is now available for purchase , yay! 


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