Saturday, March 10, 2018

Persephone Book Collection

My very first introduction to Persephone books was completely accidental .... accidental yet fabulous . It was Mariana by Monica Dickens ( Charles Dickens great grand child ) . If I am honest I only picked it up because the cover was beautiful and it caught my interest . So anyway , I took it home , put it on the shelf then carried on about my day . Months later while doing the obligatory dusting of the bookshelves ( the one bookish chore that is rather tedious) and this gorgeous book peaked my interest yet again , so I gave in and went on to read it that night . Friends ... I was in love . 
This gentle story with no huge bouts of excitement was dreamy and delicious,  and while perched up in bed with a hot drink and this book I really could not have been any happier . This is why I love these books . 
For the most part the stories are sweet and gentle and completely relaxing to read which is what I want from books most of the time.  I do love Stephen King but no offense to Stephen ,  his stories do not make for carefree dreams if you read them before sleep ... Cujo and IT have spent far too many nights chasing me in dreams ;0) 
So , Mariana started a love affair with Persephone books . I then learned all  I could  about how the shop came about , who they were publishing and why . A beautiful shop in Bloomsbury , 59 Lamb’s Conduit Street and inside a beautiful selection of dove grey covered books ( primarily) with those gorgeous colorful end papers Persephone lovers adore talking about .... and rightly so . 
These books ooze quality , from their pretty color dust jackets , their sturdy inner covers , pretty endpapers , creamy soft pages , matching bookmarks ..... honestly , what’s not to love !
I don’t have a huge collection of these books , my dream of course is at some point to collect them all  but for now let me show you these beauties that I do have . 

Cheerful Weather For The Wedding by Julia Strachey

Miss Buncle’s Book by DE Stevenson

Kitchen Essays by Agnes Jekyll

Good Evening Mrs Craven : The Wartime Stories Of Mollie Panter -Downes

The Home Maker by Dorothy Canfield Fisher 

Miss Pettigrew Lived For A Day by Winifred Watson 

Mariana by Monica Dickens 

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