Saturday, March 10, 2018

Miss Buncle’s Book by DE Stevenson. Review

If you have never read Miss Buncle’s Book you are doing yourself an injustice! 
This book combines a lot of things I am fond of in stories  ; writers , publishing , small village life , nosy neighbours , amusing characters that you take a genuine interest in , and lastly... love .
The story is about a woman called Barbara Buncle who lives in a little village in England , she decides to write a book about all she sees around her while adding her own little touches to each neighbours story and just about every neighbour gets a mention . 
I loved every page of this .... from Miss Buncle’s gumption to her sense of mischief , it is a fun filled read .
 I also loved how the book effected all the villagers in different ways and it was so enjoyable seeing the fallout :0)
The characters were very interesting but I especially loved Miss Buncle’s friend Sarah ( the doctors wife) and Mr Abbott ( Miss Buncle’s Publisher) . 
All in all a terrific book that should not be missed ! 
I loved every page .

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