Saturday, October 28, 2017

Reading This Weekend

When I looked out my window this morning and it's truly grim , it looks like any minute now there should be a Demogorgon or two lurking around or at the very least a few Dementors flying  , it's all misty and grey and has all the ingredients for a truly great Stephen King book. 
That being said , when it is a bit yack outside it's time to cosy up inside and catch up on some reading and watching some awesome tv in the form of the "Stranger Things" . Are you guys watching this show ? It's truly wonderful ! Set in the 80's with a knock out plot and bloody brilliant cast . It's everything you could want from a show ! The first season was incredible and season two is just as great . If you have not already , check it out! 
So , back to book business ;0) here is a peek at what I am reading this weekend .......add cocoa .....tea ,  and a blanket and I am sorted  for the weekend . 

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