Monday, October 2, 2017

Cosy Autumn Days

This is the time of year I love getting cosy and as I have been enjoying different types of exercise this year , when I am not exercising I like to get comfy and pull out these goodies .
I love meditation , it really does take practise to get the hang of it and some days it works better then others but I find if I can pop an eye mask on top of my lids while I am doing it then it helps centre me a bit more and the lavender scent is calming . You can find these on most pharmacies or have a look on Amazon or Etsy for some really cute ones .

The weather is sunny one minute and lashing rain the next so you don't know what way to dressage the minute so the one thing that is consistent with me in my day is some lip balm . Even if you don't have the time or the inclination to do anything else pop some on your lips ! Your lips will appreciate it ! This wind plays havoc on all skin . Help it out as much as you can before the even colder weather gets here . 
I have been listening to "IT" by Stephen King on my audible app, its very good ! I am hoping to get to see the movie before it leaves the cinema if I can find someone to go with me  that is not afraid of clowns ;0)
Have you heard about Lagom? I have been coming across lots of books about it recently and it seems to be this years hygge. 
Lagom simply put means enough, not too much , not too little , just enough . 
I am also listening to Lagom : The Swedish Art Of Living A Balanced And Happy Life by Niki Brantmark. I am really enjoying this book, it's a really cosy read , perfect for this time of year full of information , tips and hints. 
I have not been journaling on a daily basis these past few weeks , I have been doing it weekly , but between one thing and another I had to put daily journaling to one side . I was feeling a little overwhelmed for a while and I could not put my finger on what was causing it so I went back to basics with my life in every way to see if I could rectify the situation and I think I have . Sometimes you get stuck in a rut in life with food or relationships or sometimes you just don't know why you are in a funk at all , it's at times like this it's important to go easy on yourself and write down what's bothering you, what options you have and a plan to go forward. Baby steps guys, baby steps! 

I have been using meditation for the horrible 
Anxiety and panic attacks and I have come across some good apps online  . I would say that guided meditations are a very personal choice and the narrators voice is important so I would say have a look yourself for one that you enjoy . 
Headspace , Relax And Rest are two good ones but there are loads more to choose from , it is really all about preference. .
Now when anxiety is making an unsocial visit I find listening to podcasts very useful , stick in some headphones and take 15 minutes to ground yourself again . Below are some of the podcasts I like to follow :

1:The Lavendaire Lifestyle
2:From The Heart( conversations with Yoga girl) 
3:The Slow Home Podcast
4:Meditation Station

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