Thursday, September 28, 2017

Y Is For Yesterday by Sue Grafton . Review And Some Gushing

With only one more book left in this series each book is met with much excitement and I am not going to lie , a little fear . I have my favourite characters that I have been following for so many years now , that the thought of losing one of them at the end would be truly heartbreaking . If you are familiar with the series you will know Kinsey Milhone , private investigator , rough around the edges , naturally curious , big heart and love of jogging ,burgers ,and books . She is a tenant of dear Henry, retired baker and all round awesome human . He lives beside her . 
In this story we see a darker side to the job Kinsey does , the story also flits back and forth in time to an old crime and how it is still effecting current day ( Kinsey's current day)
events for some people  . The story is a lot more graphic then I would be used to from Sue , that's not a bad thing but worth noting if you prefer your story with less graphic violence . 
The crime is sickening but Kinseys management of the case is admirable and I loved her gumption and street smarts . I have a great fondness for the relationship between Kinsey and Henry , my hope is that they will both live to the end of the series so I can imagine them always in an eternal place where all characters live when we leave them on the page . Maybe that is soppy but when you have dedicated as much time into these characters and these stories  as I have , You can't help rooting for them at the end . Enjoy!

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