Saturday, September 30, 2017

Reading This Week

Hello friends . It feels like Autumn has well and truly arrived , It's a beautiful start to the weekend with the sun shining , a crispness in the air , and a stack of new library books to read . Of course there is also veg to be planted and some home baking to be done. It's nearing the end of most of the growing season but my peppers and courgettes broccoli, cauliflower are still thriving . It was a good growing year for me and I was very pleased how it went. I enjoyed being able to eat more vegetables and pick them and cook them instantly when I needed them. Peelings then went in my compost bin so nothing was wasted . I have read a fair few vegetable growing books this year as well as books on allotments ( well you never know where a good idea might spring from ) , there is so much to learn and so much to gain by putting the effort in.
 My mum has always loved gardening , it is like therapy for her , she loves her time in the garden , mowing her lawn and tending to her beds , dead heading and weed pulling were surprisingly satisfying and seeing the first bulbs in the spring time pop through the soil were a cheerful sight to behold . Of course I never thought for a second that I would pick up mums love of gardening but that's exactly what happened much to my surprise . 
I like to share out my new plants with my mum, I know her favourites and I always plant extras to give her to add to her own garden and veg plot to be planted  . 
With the cooler weather here now it is going to be fun seeing what I can grow now!
Anyway , here are some of the cosy reads I have to read this week . I am half way through three of them so I hope to finish them, and begin the others over the weekend . 
I hope where ever you are you are having a nice weekend with lots of lovely books to read . 

Lagom by Linnea Dunne 

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