Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Reading This Week

Hi guys! I am loving this nicer weather this past few days . The dreary rain from the past few weeks was getting a bit tedious so I am welcoming every ray we get. We have been doing home repairs and improvements and my reading time has got a lot less recently but I am still trying to listen to my audiobooks as I am going about my day . This week I will have more time to open my books so these are the books I am hoping to get to between now and the start of next week. I usually read a book a night ( what can I say .... I always have to know what happened before I go to sleep ;0) ) 
There is a mix of cosy mystery , yoga and holistic books. A nice mix of reading material to tuck up with every night in front of the fire because lets face it what's better then that.... well  chocolate cake is pretty damn good too , but let's not get into that right now . ;0) . On with the books my friends !

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