Friday, November 11, 2016

My Week

Hi guys! It's been a funny old week , but I finally got a jumper finished that I had been working on so I am saying it's been a reasonably good one . One of the most enjoyable parts of making your own clothing is being able to pick colours and exact sizes that you want . There is something very satisfying about that , and even more so when you complete the last stitch of a long project !

The nights get dark so quick now that I find my reading has increased ....there is something about long dark nights and good books ... Bliss ! I don't know about you , but Autumn and Winter are big reading seasons for me , feel free to leave me recommendations ! 
There is something very satisfying about walking across lovely crispy leaves on a dry cold day . 
My new mug to accompany my hot drinks and books . I love the Gilmore Girls and this mug is perfect! Roll on November 25th! 
Some hearty and stomach warming dinners have been gracing my table these past few weeks as the weather has been getting noticbly colder . I have dusted off my own cookbook and have been cooking up plenty of stews and pies with lots of vegetables . It's just the ticket to help fight the colds and infections that have been attacking me recently. 

Some other projects I am working on .

Expect some more sneak peeks of some more projects I am working on during the week and future weeks , as well as " Reading This Weekend " on Saturdays ( all going well). 

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