Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Sunday

Hi guys ! Sorry I have not been on here much this past week , but I have the flu and it is being an unwelcome house guest at present. So I thought I would do my week in pictures . 
I have been changing my kitchen from oak to chalk paint in the shade clotted cream ...until I got sick .....but so far I am loving the cream colour . I can't wait until I can get back to it again so I can use my kitchen !
There was some awesome books in my mailbox this week for review .....
 My dogs are looking out for me ( or in other words using my extended bed rest as perfect nap time) 
If you love books about books then try this one. I have only started it but I am hooked.
My spring bulbs are starting to open . :0)
With the sad death of Alan Rickman I found myself reaching for this book. 
Comfort reads ...... Essential 
Lots of hot drinks
Comfy pj's and review book
Beautiful review books
Snuggly boots to keep my toes from turning blue. 
Sunday morning breakfast
Sunday afternoon book and bath time 

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  1. Your pictures are fantastic! They look professional! I also love your decorations (and your dogs!)