Saturday, January 2, 2016

Movers by Meaghan Mcisaac . Review

This is a dystopian story  with science fiction and time travel where movers and shadows exist and where people are given didferent number levels depending on how dangerous they are . The main character is called Pat, his family are seen as a threat to the system they live in because of what they can do . They can move shadows . Shadows are people that once lived here and movers can transport them in time making this story awesome ! Danger is following Pat now after a particularly dangerous incident,  and now he needs all the help he can get if he is to survive and help others . If you like Dr Who then you might really enjoy this !

I received this book for review from the lovely people over at Lovereading4kids . 

This book is being published February 2016 and will be available from Lovereading and all good bookstores then . 
Below please find a link to this book on the Lovereading4kids website:

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