Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Lost Garden by Katherine Swartz . Review

This beautiful story is told in the past in 1919 and in the present. This is the story about a woman called Marin who comes home from abroad to take care of her half sister Rebecca after their father dies suddenly. Needing a fresh start they move away to a quiet town and rent a place there to see if they like it. Fly back in time to 1919 and we see the past residents of the house and the staff from that time and we see that both people who have lived there have a lot in common with each other. 
This place is a place of healing ,solace and survival despite hardships that befell those in the past and present, the secret garden that helped heal a sisters broken heart in 1919 could help Marin and Rebecca now. A beautiful story for those who like stories that flit back and forth in time showing us that despite modern day being so different in many ways emotions and love never change at all no matter how much time passes.

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This book is due to be published this month and will be available on and all other good bookstores then.
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