Friday, May 1, 2015

Saving Grace by Jane Green . Review

When the famous author Ted Chapman and his wife Grace need help with sorting out their home and Teds business they are thrilled to meet the slightly dowdy Beth who comes to them like a dream come true with glowing references , she is everything you could ask for in a personal assistant and it is not long until she makes herself indispensable to the family. Beth is not their long before things begin to feel strange , Beth is crossing lines and placing doubts in Ted's mind about Grace and even making Grace doubt herself when this escalates into something more sinister it becomes a terrifying experience for Grace who seems to be the only one who sees through this innocent act that Beth is portraying herself to be. This is a book that is both terrifying and impossible to put down. Reading the damage that a sociopath can do to a family was an eerie experience but Grace was an inspiring lead character that I was routing for the entire way through the book. 

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