Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Book of Summers by Emylia Hall . Review.

 I picked this up  because of the simple summer feel to the cover. I have found many gems this way thankfully. This was one of those gems. The Book of Summers is the story about a young woman and her summer holidays spent with her mother in Hungary. The story is told over many summers giving us a real feel for this young woman growing up and changing into the person she becomes. I was surprised to feel more attached to the people surrounding the young woman then to her own personality, there was times I wanted to hug her for being such a nice character and at times I was shaking my head in disappointment ,I have real mixed feeling about her as you can see.
The story flows seemingly effortlessly and I loved every minute of it. It is intriguing and engaging and the main characters are all interesting and I found myself imaging actors to play them. It was one of those books that really is perfect to daydream about while reading. Hungary is where the young woman's holidays are based and it is not somewhere I have read about often so it was a lovely change to read a little about the country and the people and it made me want to find out more about it.
This is a book for anyone who would enjoy a book based in the summertime with a twist to it that you really do not see coming ( Well done Emylia Hill!!, that was awesome).

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