Friday, July 26, 2013

Pelican Bay by Jesse Giles Christiansen

This was the perfect read for me at this time of year when time spent near the seaside is a must in the hotter weather! If you enjoy books based around the sea and it's history and fables etc then there is every good chance you will enjoy this. This is a mystery based around an old man called Captain Shelby and a cemetery that our leading character Ethan Hodges comes across . The story is based in South Carolina and I really enjoyed the descriptions of the area throughout the story. You get a real sense of history there. Captain Shelby is a very enjoyable character to read about, he is like a rough edged grandfather figure that is just what Ethan needs. Ethan and Shelby's bond is very close and I really enjoyed reading about it ,you got the feeling that they both needed it, Ethan maybe more so. There is a darker feel to the story at times which builds tension and keeps you on the edge of your seat.I could not guess the ending , it really has you guessing until the end which is lovely and really keeps you on your toes. All in all a very enjoyable read esp if you enjoy a setting beside the sea. Wonderful!

I was kindly gifted this story by the author but you can find the author here:
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