Sunday, July 14, 2013

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. Review

I started and finished this book last night and one word keeps cropping up in my head ...WOW!!!!
The story is about two awkward teens who first meet on a bus . They have the complete opposite backgrounds and yet mesh wonderfully together. Eleanor is a troubled character that I wanted to hug so many times,being beautiful and smart makes her a target for those who find her a threat ..I have to admit I fretted for her well being. If I could have wrapped her in cotton wool I would have. Park on the other hand is a laid back gentleman who takes her under his wing. Together they have a lot in common but you never quite know if their differences will tear them apart.The story is very sweet and touching but there is a menace lying behind it all that carries on throughout the story until we get near the end. This is not a book you want to put aside for any length of time so I urge you to make time to read it one sitting. Truly wonderful!

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