Sunday, July 21, 2019

Postscript by Cecilia Ahern . Review

This is the terrific sequel to P. S I Love You where we originally met Holly and Gerry , now in this sequel we are back in Holly’s world again . It’s six years since the death of her beloved husband and life is going well for Holly , she is working , surrounded by people who love her and is now in a relationship with Gabriel , a sweet man with a heart of gold . When one day a woman mentions to Holly about a club she is in called the  “P.S I Love You Club “it sets in motion another path for Holly , but one that she is very reluctant to go on . 

Well if you thought you could sob no more while reading P.S I Love You then get the tissues out in good time as this sequel was both heartwarming and more then a bit of a tear jerker . I loved these characters so much and the plot was so moving I got a lump in my throat many times while reading it . A beautiful and memorable story that you will think of again and again . 

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This book is being published September 19th 2019 . 

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