Saturday, May 12, 2018

Waiting For Monsieur Bellivier by Brittany Rösflund. Review

The story is set on a street in beautiful Paris where the Tunisian shopkeeper Mancebo lives and has his shop. He is a quiet man with a well ordered life and close family . His life runs smoothly every day without much to surprise him until one day he is asked to do something completely unexpected and surprisingly exciting . 
In another part of Paris a woman is sitting in a cafe minding her own business when she is approached by someone with a very intriguing offer that she finds impossible to resist ..... it will shake up her entire life . 
A story about secrets and lies and what their effect can do to others . A truly fascinating book with a few great twists and turns and brilliant characters , they were a true joy to read about . Mancebo was my favorite character  , this sweet man ended up having quite the exciting life ! Go read this ! 

Check out Waiting For Monsieur Bellivier by Britta Röstlund

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