Saturday, May 12, 2018

Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig . Review

I have had depression pretty much all my life and it has fluctuated throughout my life getting worse at times of stress . When I lost a friend to suicide this year I went in search of something to explain to me what was going on in my head and how others cope with what depression feels like to them too  . Then through sheer good luck I came across the lovely Fearne Cotton ‘s podcast where she talks to the author Matt Haig . He talked about his book : Reasons To Stay Alive , this book was about his own depression and plans he was making during the true depths of despair he experienced . Listening to that podcast I knew instinctively that this is book I was looking for . 

Life has a funny old way of putting in your path just what you need sometimes , and this was just the case for me . 

So I picked up the audiobook of this book and I downloaded it that day and finished it that same day , Matt himself narrates the book and talks honestly and frankly about what it is like during the worst moments of depression , panic attacks and thoughts of suicide , this book felt like a friend shouting to me ... ME TOO ! 

If I had the paperback of this book I would have been underlining multiple lines and paragraphs as it is just so quote worthy , Matt is just THAT GOOD about writing down the painful descriptions of what depression is like both mentally and physically . 

As I finished up the book I felt a lovely sense of calm and relief . The relief was not from having finished the book .... (I was actually gutted it was so short )but from the hope that things can get better ....... that there are things that you can do ....... that there are people out there that will understand and above all to practice self love , compassion and care .

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