Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Tough Times

These are the lovely books I am aiming to dip into this weekend . The last three are review books and the only difficulty I face is knowing which lovely one to begin with . 

At times , life hands you lemons , this has been a week where life has done just that , and before I can find instruction to make lemonade I first have to find my way back up on to my feet , right now it feels like I need a roadmap to even find my way to that point . Books have always been my home in times of worry , stress , and uncertainty . This is one of those times . I need them to swallow me up completely until I can come out the other side of this or until the clouds lift . This is depression and it's scary and lonely and I feel lost . If you are reading this knowing exactly what I mean then I am glad you are still here reading this with me especially on the days it seems like the clouds will never part and the overwhelming smog suffocates you to the point you can hardly breathe . Today I am taking baby steps .... for today that has to be enough . 

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