Saturday, June 24, 2017

Reading This Week

Hi guys ! June is a great vegetable growing month at my house , courgettes are filling out and cabbages are expanding seemingly by the day , small heads of broccoli are peaking through and peas and broad beans are thriving , there has been all sorts of lettuce for months now and my herb patch is making me smile every time I have something tasty and fresh to add to meals . As I have started growing more then I ever grew before I thought it was advisable to get as much information as I could get my hands on and talk to as many others who enjoy the same pursuits . 
Below is the library books I managed to get to help me on my growing journey of information and vegetables :0) 
 My Cool Allotment by Lia Leendertz

Crops In Pots by Bob Purcell
Joe's Allotment by Joe Swift

Organic Gardening The No Dig Way by Charles Dowding 
The Essential Allotment Guide by John Harrison
Minding My Peas And Cucumbers by Kay Sexton
Charles Dowding Veg Journal by Charles Dowding

The Allotment Diaries by Kay Sexton
How To Grow Winter Vegetables by Charles Dowding

A Death At The Yoga Cafe by Michelle Kelly
The Allotment Planner by Matthew Appleby 

James Wong's Homegrown Revolution 


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