Saturday, May 13, 2017

Time For A Catch Up :0)

Well friends , it has been an awfully long time since I popped on here to chat to you all so I thought today I would sit down and catch you up with what I have been up to . We have been SO lucky with the weather recently , honestly ..... if you squinted a bit you would think you were in some foreign country the way it has been so warm with  blue skies for days . 

With the fab weather comes fab growth and even the weeds are enjoying every bit of it .... the buggers....  Weeding is my least favourite part of gardening , planting and planning are my favourite as well as pottering in the green house . Honestly there is little better then putting on an audiobook and getting my hands dirty planting some seeds that I will later be able to eat or to put in a flower pot . 

I have been reading a good few review books recently and my personal reading has been left to the side .... I have a nice stack of books that I will be digging into very soon and I am honestly so excited! I picked books from lots of genres and the settings are very different for the most part . Half the fun of them now is knowing that they are there waiting for me . Bliss. 

Sneezing season is back with vengeance again this year , each year I hope it will not come back but .... well , pass the tissues . 
It does bring headaches watery eyes and sinus problems but sure it is all worth it for the sunnier warm days where you don't need a thermal vest and long johns to brave outside your door .

 It hit over 50 degrees in my greenhouse on one of the hotter days , standing there it felt like I was melting into the floor , needless to say I made a hasty exit after opening windows . I am growing all the usual plants I grow each year , lettuce- multiple types, cauliflower , cabbage , broccoli ( two types) , Pak Choi , red and white Scallions , leeks , garlic , peppers , carrots( two kinds) cucumbers , courgettes ( two kinds ) onions , beetroot, sage, parsley , basil, garlic chives , regular chives and countless others. I do enjoy seeing them grow and each year no matter what it still excites me waiting for the first glimpse of green to pop out from under the soil. So satisfying!
I ordered lots of vegetable books from the library and tonight I intend to browse them and see if I can get some helpful tips. Gardening is a constant learning process but very rewarding and great fun when you meet other like minded people.

I have lots of reviews and a haul going up here on the blog this weekend and all of next week so expect a good few posts over the next week as I try and catch up on a backlog of posts that I have waiting for me . Until next time friends , have. a great Saturday :0) 

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