Saturday, May 13, 2017

Black And Blue by Ian Rankin . Review

This was so good! Rebus has his hands full in this book with a copycat serial killer on the loose and the original Killer walking about paying close attention to this younger man . Crimes are stacking up and each one is more grizzly then the last while set amongst the city of Edinburgh . Rebus is in top form in this , the   eighth book in the series , there is a lot going on with the plot but it does not make it confusing , instead keeps you glued to the book until the very end . I love when a book does that! Rebus is his usual self , snarky and self confident and a bit of a loveable rogue. This is a must read for all fans of the series. 

I received this book for review curtesy of
This book has been published and is available from and al other good bookstores .
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