Monday, January 2, 2017

The Children Of Green Knowe by L.M. Boston

I received this lovely book from my good friend Ivan for Christmas . I had remembered him mentioning it to me a few times so when I opened up my parcel to find this I was thrilled . As you know I am fond of children's books and YA books , so , if it's good for children it's good enough for me . 
I love a story about kids with grandparents and plenty of adventure , surely what could be more fun! This was no exception . The story is about a boy called Tolly who comes to live with his Great -grandmother called Oldknow at Green Knowe . Green Knowe is an extremely old house that has seen many people live and die here and not all of them have left as Tolly soon finds out . 
This was an exceptional story, Tolly is a curious and brave boy with a good dose of empathy and kindness . He is a likeable character and the parts of the story with his great - grandmother and him are some of my favourites . The setting of the story in a big old rambling house filled with ghosts of the past makes it a very memorable one . I recommend this to adults who are still young at heart or anyone who just enjoys a darn good story. 
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