Friday, October 21, 2016

The Watcher by Ross Armstrong . Review

This is the story about an apartment building and specifically a woman who lives there called Lily Gullick . Lily has gained a huge interest in her neighbours and spends large amounts of time spying  on each and every one of them . Lily is a rather complex character and very hard to understand . I could not comprehend  some of her actions  , and they just continued to get worse ,she was unreliable narrator.  When a shocking death occurs in the building , Lily takes it upon herself to find out what happened inviting all sorts of trouble her way . This was tension filled , and from midway until the end of the story it was action packed . If you enjoy a good plot twist then you will love this!

I received this review copy from the lovely people over st Mira Uk ( Harlequin ) .
This book is going to be published December 29th . 
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  1. I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on the book. One of the best reads of 2017. If you could check out my review on The Watcher up on my blog, here: