Sunday, October 2, 2016


Have you noticed books on the internet or in your local bookstore with the unusual word Hygge in it's title ? I sure did!  It has become easy to see why so many books are being published now talking about this unual looking word ...Hygge( who-ga),  as it's a way of life that almost everyone could gain something from by putting it into practise. Hygge is a Danish word and a way of life that I am only recently hearing about . Think cozy , comfort, mental relaxation, calmness , nesting, good food, warm drinks, soft lighting and friends .
 I went into this knowing nothing about it ,but since reading much about it I have been putting it into practise ever since , and I must say it has made a remarkable difference. The Danish and the Irish have a lot of bad weather in common so by using some of the Danish ways of coping with the rotten weather and long dark nights I found it a much more jolly experience . I pulled out blankets , cushions , fairy lights ,and changed my harsher bulbs for softer warm lights. I got some warm lined slippers and cozy pj's and nightgown . Took some of my candles from the back of the cupboard and basically made a nest where it was cozy warm and a nice place to be when it gets dark and miserable outside . Not forgetting cocoa and some good books and DVDs . If like me you are curious about this concept, I have added below the books I have read so far about the subject . They are definetly worth a read ! 

Below are some of the books I have tried out so far and enjoyed . 
The Book Of Hygge
The cozy life by Pia Edberg
The Little Book Of Hygge by Meik Wiking

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