Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Little Book Of Hygge by Meik Weiking. Review

I knew as soon as I saw this book that I was going to love it, I just did not realise how much. 
From the stunning outside cover to the interior , jam packed with gorgeous images as well as recipes and tips this felt more then just a book but a way of life. Ok , it is the Danish way of life , but it is something that anyone could gain something from . It has handy tips to keep your sanity and enjoy simple pleasures in a world quickly changing. It shows you how to wind down , calm down and enjoy a life with good food , friends , comfort and cosines that costs very little . Being Hygglig is a very comforting feeling , I can't say this enough, it evokes calm and serenity and the Danish people have perfected this and use it on a daily basis . From soft lighting , non materialistic enjoyments, good food , think hibernation . We Irish are known for getting our fair share of bad weather like the Danish people so we could gain a lot of mental well being by putting into practise a lot of their habits esp when a lot of us get very down in the darker wetter months of the year when it sometimes feel like the lighter hotter days are never to come back to us. So friends, I recommend this book to you all, make a cosy hot drink , get warm in front of the fire and sit down and read this book . To well worth every second you spend reading it. 

This book is now on my favourites shelf . ( I read it three times so far) 
This would also make a wonderful gift for someone.

Published by Penguin 

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