Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Revival by Stephen King. Review

I have been reading lots of Stephen King books recently , when it has been a while since you read a book by him you forget just how good a storyteller he is only to be blown away when you start another book by him . This book is exactly what you would hope from a book by King ... Bloody excellent !
The story begins with a young boy called Jamie meeting the new minister Charles Jacobs for the first time outside his home. Through the years and in many different places they would come across each other again , them and their relationship slightly altered each time. 
Both of the main characters change a lot through the duration of the story. Life really kicked both of their asses and both of them reacted differently but were altered quite a lot by their hardships. The story did leave me thinking about people and the things that happen to them , would we be different people if only things in our life had not turned out the way it did or if we did not have relationships with different people . Bittersweet and very memorable , I highly recommend it . 

Stephen King

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