Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Summer We Danced by Fiona Harper . Review

After having a horrible humiliating  breakup with her husband , Pippa decides to go back home and start her life again while meeting some of her old friends too. When she realises her favourite dance instructor is in need of some help it's just the thing she needs to help get her mind of her personal life!
This was a lovely feel good story , Pippa is a great friend and that is just what some of her old friends need when she comes back to the village . This is a story about friendship, love and going back to your roots. Read this with a big cup of tea and enjoy to the last page .

I received this book from the lovely people over at Harlequin/ Mira UK
This book is being published 7th April 2016 and will be available where all great books are sold.
Below please find a link to this book and author:

Fiona Harper:

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