Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Martian by Andy Weir . Review

This was a truly engrossing story that I played constantly ever chance I could until I finished it!
The story is about NASA sending an Ares 
3 mission to Mars . While there one of the crew Mark Watney gets injured is presumed dead and his crew leave him there and head home due to severe weather not knowing that he is very much alive . Here starts an amazing one man adventure on Mars listening to bad music and reading good books as he's also tries to not blow himself up on a day to day basis . Watney as he is called throughout the story is a sarcastic , funny , Jack the lad and the best man to leave alone on a planet  to keep himself entertained and alive! I never tired of this story for one second and my only regret is not finding this book sooner. This is now a firm favourite! Read this!

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