Saturday, May 3, 2014

When In Rome by Nicky Pellegrino.Review.

Nicky Pellegrino - The food of lover cookery school Cover

I am a huge fan of this author's books and I have read and loved them all. I was so excited to sit down and read this book that I set it aside until I could read it all in one go. I was not disappointed, it was worth the wait!
The story is set in Rome in the 1950's and the main character is called Serafina.
The writing is so descriptive that I was probably sitting there reading the book dribbling at the mouth- watering descriptions of food while almost being able to feel the sun shine down on me from my grey corner of Ireland. I adore Nicky's writing style  and her world and character building so much that her books are the perfect books to escape with when you can't actually go on holiday or bring them along on holiday to make your holiday even more enjoyable. I got so caught up in the story and the other characters that hours went by before I popped my head up from the pages. was beautiful!

A truly magical, escapist read!!!!! I adored it! I urge everyone to read this book then go out and read all of this authors other books.
Link to this author's website below.

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