Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Auntie Mame by Patrick Dennis. Review

I completely fell in love with these characters and this story . This was the most adventures I have had while sitting in an arm chair ! Truly splendid! Recommend many pages of this at a time to get rid of glumness and generally feelings of mehhhhhh.

 Auntie Mame is a very colourful character who is always open to new experiences, meeting new people, travelling, enjoying life and she is a warm big hearted person who is ever so slightly eccentric .When she takes in her nephew to live with her after he becomes an orphan that young man had no idea how lucky he was. I spent hours smiling while reading this.Now I am off to search for more books by this very talented writer......👓📖


  1. So glad you loved it! I definitely need to pick up the sequel sometime this year! :)

  2. Hi Lesley! Sorry I only just remembered that I never replied to you.. I adored this book! I got the second book but did not love it as much although it is still good just not as great. Def still worth a read.