Friday, November 8, 2013

The Last Knight by Robert O'Byrne

This book was a fascinating look into the life of the 29th Knight of Glin , Desmond Fitzgerald. From the cradle to the grave this book tells  us of his life from a youth and his college days, his years of study, travel , his family , and his life  in Ireland and his many interests.
Desmond gained a love of all things Irish very early on and this grew as he got older. Irish Artists, Paintings, Architecture and furniture were some of the things he was very passionate about and gained a lot of experience in partly from a deep love of the subjects. His concern for the well being of the historical houses in Ireland and his attempts to protect them were to be admired ,I can only assume it was partly from coming from Glin Castle , an Irish historical castle that made him want to reach out and help others who were perhaps struggling with the upkeep of their own historical homes.
His passion for all things he put his mind to really stood out in the book , I imagine he would have been a joy to sit down  and talk  with about the gems Ireland has produced in relation to Artists and the history of some of the magnificent historical houses we have here. A very Interesting book that begs to be read and that will have you googling all the places mentioned afterwards. The stunning pictures included in this book make this even more enjoyable if that were possible.

I was kindly given this for review by the lovely folks over at The Lilliput Press
You can find this book and more over on there website. Please follow the link below.

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