Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Currently Reading Nov 2012

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The books I have chosen this past week to read are a real mixed bag. I was in one of those book moods where I wanted a little of everything. So , that being said here is what I picked to read.

The above book has the most beautiful cover. I am really enjoying the book so far and I am about half way through.
I just love the above cover. If all bookshops had shop fronts like this that would be awesome!
There is a real feel of decadence when reading this book. These characters lead indulgent and pampered lives and it is great fun to read about.
This one I got picked to review. The cover is just stunning. Can't wait to start this one. The story is based in 1942 when the war is tearing lives apart.Saba is our main character she is a singer who wants to travel through Europe entertaining all those fighting in the war. Going by the blurb it sounds like this is only the beginning of the adventures and people that she is about to come across.
Another book I am reading right now is The Gift by Jonathan Lynch about a young man who after being bullied decides to take his own life. The suicide does not exactly go to plan. So far I am really enjoying it. Go check it out!

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