Monday, April 30, 2018

Flow Magazine

I first came across these magazines through the book “A Book That Takes It’s Time “ , by flow magazine .
It was love at first sight , and if you are a lover of all things paper this combines mindfulness , creativity and  that . It is visually very appealing with more content and less advertising then traditional magazines that we are all familiar with . This feels wholesome and you feel great while reading it and it leaves you with lovely afterthoughts . ( you just want to get out your pens, paints , pencils and make something cheery and bright) . It concentrates a good bit on meditation which I love and offers plenty of tips on caring for your good self . 

Each issue comes with goodies , it could be anything ... postcards , bookmarks , posters , notecards , stickers ..... you get the idea , basically it had this bullet  journal lover smiling from ear to ear . 

There is also workbooks like above , you work on yourself .... meditation , quizzes .... lots of good stuff plus ... paper goodies ... yes , even in the workbooks .

Everything about these magazines etc is restful , it feels like you are doing something really caring for yourself by sitting down with this and a cup of tea for a while and just being present . 

Each issue is beautiful and I could never throw an issue away ... too beautiful . These feel more like books then magazines and the content is relevant even if you buy older issues .

If you are creative in any way I think you would appreciate these issues .

I think they are really supportive of each of our own uniqueness and how to enjoy it even more and guide us with even more ideas .

It is a quirky magazine that I am so grateful to have found and the content and quality is superb. The paper differs throughout the magazine making it extra special . It’s a tactile dream ! 
All in all I could. It recommend these high enough . 
Beautiful !
Here is a link to where you can order your own issues :

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