Friday, February 9, 2018

The Devil’s Dice by Roz Watkins . Review

This is the first book in a series by this author with DI Meg Dalton as the main character . The story is set in the Peak District and begins with the body of a lawyer being found in a cave as well as some grim images on the wall . Meg is a very likable and down to earth character ,a  tad skittish making her all the more fun to read about as she is in the police  .  Although the story is about a grizzly murder there is very enjoyable funny one liners along the way . I loved the relationship between Meg and DS Jai , they make a great team and their storylines together are very enjoyable . The setting of the story around the caves gave the book a lovely eerie quality and the dark history of the caves make the plot even more divine. I found this impossible to put down , so I didn’t and read it all in one go . I recommend this to all fans of Broadchurch . 

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This book is being published March 2018 and will
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