Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Festive Greetings

Hello lovelies ! For those who celebrate , are you having a lovely Christmas ? I do hope so ! It was my birthday on Christmas Day and I had a nice and busy day . Christmas dinner was hosted in my house this year so I was up early preparing everything and then spent the evening watching comedies and trying not to fall asleep cuddling up beside my mum and my dogs on the couch as the men snored . This year felt a little sad , there are people I have lost from my life and it feels a little emotional thinking of them and past times , but I have some lovely memories to cherish and that’s what counts . 

Now on with the goodies :0)

This picture above was sent from my best male friend Ivan. We have been friends for many many years and each year we send each other parcels for our birthdays and Christmas . How spoilt was I !!!! Everything a woman could ask for and more . 

I got treated to some very special gifts this year, here’s a look at some of my lovely bookish gifts . 

My hubby got this wonderful book about all the literary places in London . Last time I was in London I visited a place very special to me in Charing Cross . This will give me loads more inspiration for my next visit. 

I can’t wait to read all about the early days of one of my favorite literary families .

An old favorite ! The women in this family are a delight to read about . A story about family and female bonds. 

My lovely American friend Ivan send me this book above and below in a beautiful trunk labeled “ Hygge” . It was the perfect gift! 

My darling friend in America sends me a fabulous box every year with treats . This beautiful book was in it this year. 

Ohhhhh so lovely

I was so excited when I saw this 

My husband has always supported my journaling and always gets me lovely ones every year.

My new bullet journals courtesy of my lovely husband

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