Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Well friends today is the day where all manner of flowers seem to be overflowing in just about every shop .... I received 3 beautiful bouquets and cards . with sentiments of love and very sweet words . Today there was adoration at every turn , and by tonight harassed looking people who have only just remembered may have been doing a sprint around the shops for bouquets and cards for their loved ones . 

I have to say I love the day itself . A day dedicated to love in a very uncertain world . I get excited seeing people walk down the street with bunches of flowers and smiles on their faces because quite frankly who can't smile with a pretty bouquet of something smelling beautiful in their arms to be shortly given to a loved one or dear friend. Have you ever noticed a man in a shop buying flowers for his love , every woman within viewing distance is visibly aware and smiling if not commenting to him how nice they are . I think that's awesome . Last year I watched an old man (80's) buy a bouquet for his wife, he picked yellow roses .  My heart skipped a beat and as soppy as it sounds I loved the fact there was still such a sparkle between him and his wife . A small gesture that would mean a lot , that would show you were thought of and cared for and meant something to the person who you love the most. So with all that said... I hope you have had a lovely day no matter what  ....and that we can keep love in our hearts every other day of the year too, not just in February  . Xxxxx 

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