Monday, July 14, 2014

Society's Child My Autobiography by Janis Ian .Review


The first time I came upon this author was when a friend introduced me to the song Tea and Sympathy , I really loved her beautiful voice and the lyrics of her songs. I was thrilled when I then came across this book on and it was narrated by Janis. Janis has a wonderful reading voice and between that and the incredible life she led it makes for the perfect escapist read. Janis is not someone who shys away from telling us the tougher parts of her life, she shares all with us and I liked her even more because of it. We got to see the glamour and the hiccups in her life and everything she met along the way ,the friends,the lovers ,the lyrics. I loved finding out where some of the lyrics came from, the things she was going through when she wrote others and the work involved in writing. Sometimes shocking but always a remarkable book that anyone would enjoy . Go read this immediately ! 

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