Monday, February 1, 2021

Salem’s Lot by Stephen King . Review .

I had this book on my shelf for a long time , I dare say it was years . Within minutes of taking it down and opening it I was incredibly glad that I did , straight away I was pulled into the story and getting seriously invested in the characters , all of which were well described and very enjoyable to learn about . Jerusalem’s Lot is a special place , a small town with ordinary everyday people living their ordinary lives until one day it all changes , until one day the picture perfect small town goes completely to hell and it takes as many people with it as it can . Stephen King makes the ordinary minutiae of people’s lives extraordinary, each persons story unique , and each person special in their own way . It feels almost like you are peeking in at these peoples lives . While the first third of the book is getting to know the people and the town , it’s history and the buildings and businesses the next part of the story begins to cause unease and this sense of dread picks up speed quickly to the last pages . I read this in three sittings and that was from sheer willpower to make it last , this is one of my favourite Stephen King books and I loved every minute of being immersed in his world . This is definitely a book I will read again as some of it’s characters storylines have stayed with me and give me chills at the thought of them . This author is a genius at world building and I will never tire of his writing . Add this to your TBR pile .

The Reader On The 6.27 by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent . Review .

This is the short and delightful tale of a young man called Guylain Vignolles who enjoys books but works in a book pulping factory !!!! Omg the horror !!!! 

The story is about his daily routine which includes reading to the passengers on the train he takes to work . When he comes across a unique piece of reading material one day it brings new meaning and drive into his life and his world begins to open up in new and exciting ways. 

This was just what I needed to read on a bleak and rainy cold day in January during a pandemic . The story is written in a beautiful way  , I really enjoyed the authors style , it is in short chapters so it feels like the book flies by while still managing to make you completely care about the characters . It was a delightful story and one I would recommend . Go read this immediately :0)

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Miss Benson’s Beetle by Rachel Joyce . Review

The story is about a woman called Margery Benson , Margery has led a very sensible life for the most part , but has had a secret life long ambition that in her mind has now reached fruition ... this is the time to get the ball rolling ! To fulfil her plan Margery needs an assistant and one arrives in the form of Enid Pretty , the least sensible option on paper for anyone to take anywhere to do anything , but as it turns out Enid’s upbeat optimistic spirit is going to help every step of the way . 

As I was reading this I kept thinking these ladies were like a 1950’s version of Thelma and Louise , if they had taken every conceivable mode of transport and went more off the beaten track so to speak .... close female friendship included . 

I truly loved this story from the opening pages to the very last one . You go through a lot with these characters so you get invested in their lives , I was rooting for them to do well . There is a few parts of the story that will make you stop and just absorb what has been said or happened . The writing can be very touching in places and by the time the book ends you feel well wrung out ( in a good way) . 

Add this book to your TBR list it won’t disappoint and was a refreshing tale of female adventure , love , and loss.

Mentors by Russell Brand . Review

I am a huge fan of Russell’s podcast and so I was thrilled to find out this incredibly smart eloquent man had also written some books . Mentors is the first book I decided to start with and I listened to the audio version of the book read by the author ( which I highly recommend ) . With an extensive colourful vocabulary you can’t help but pause whatever you are doing and be impressed as he talks about his remarkable journey in life through addiction recovery and so on while being very down to earth and forthcoming . Russell does not sugar coat things , I like that . With celebrities and social media right now seeing someone talk about faith and family , flaws and all , is very refreshing and gives a sense of hope and a feeling of being less alone . The book is inspiring and thought provoking and left me with a lot to think about . Anyone can gain a lot by taking time to read this . An inspiring read to reach for better in life and to work towards it . 

Go get this !

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Mine by Kelly Florentia . Review Book .

I was thrilled when I got the chance to read Kelly’s newest book , I am a fan of her previous books and this newest addition to her writing sounded exciting , and that’s exactly what it was . 

The story begins soon after the main character and her partner split up and you get a real sense that her friends are really keeping her afloat during this tumultuous time when the main character Lucy is really struggling . As Lucy does keep her inner circle tight someone else finding their way past her armour now is unusual so when her very best friend recommends a man she is more willing to give this Pre approved person a chance . 

From very early on something seems not quite right , something is a little off in Lucy’s life and quickly this escalates to a terrifying degree bringing the reader along for the ride . I was totally a willing passenger ! There is more then one red herring in the story which leaves you with plenty to think about and and not much urge to set the story down which I love about a story . What starts as a rather light read gets increasingly tense and dangerous as I began reading faster to see if I could figure out what was going to happen , the pace of the book is fast , no resting on your laurels here , the story is packing punches all the way to the surprising end . 

If you love a thriller that will make you question everything then check out this new book by Kelly Florentia . 

Publishing Date - February 1st

Kelly Florentia -

Monday, June 22, 2020

Currently Reading

Hello lovelies ! 

I am back as promised with a little bit about what I am currently reading . 

The first book is Names For The Sea by Sarah Moss , the book is about Sarah and her husband and child as they take on a very big adventure when they decide to move to Iceland for a year.  This book is non fiction and so far it’s a terrific story that is really daydream worthy if you like to fantasize about travel from the comfort of your armchair . I am about one third of the way through it ... you can expect a review of this soon . 

The next book I am loving is The Other Bennett Sister by Janice Hadlow . This is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice told through the eyes of Mary Bennet , the bookish sister who was overlooked in Jane Austen’s story . I am loving this ... seeing the plot through Mary’s eyes is eye opening , and the plot is very moreish , I can’t get enough of these characters and I am rooting for Mary in this book . I feel a bit sorry for her character but she has a spine of steel , I thinks she is going to be just fine . 

The Third book is an audible book by Sarah Blondin , the hard back is ordered but no sign of it yet being shipped . Sarah is beyond amazing at meditation . If you are curious about meditation or are a life long devotee of the practice then I highly recommend her meditations on the Insight Timer App , it’s free to download and listen and very enjoyable . Sarah also has a YouTube channel and website that is also worth checking out . On her website is all the links you need to find her . I am a third of the way through her book and it’s so enjoyable and relatable . Full of helpful insights and tips and meditations that can help center yourself during turmoil and when you feel a little unsteady in yourself . 

Well guys that’s all for now ... reviews and more book chats coming very soon ... xx

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Here We Go !

Dear friends 

It feels strange to sit here and talk to you after so long . I think most of us will no doubt have had a trying time these past few months and although lockdown is easing somewhat , day to day life is far from being back to normal . It still feels like we were all dropped into the middle of a science fiction movie... player one , let’s begin ! 

Ok let’s begin with a bit about me ....I have had depression most of my life with anxiety and panic attacks thrown in for the craic , I jest but they are no laughing matter . Indeed right now I am at an all time low and they are at an all time high but as most of the people who follow my blog do not know me in real life I can say with a certain degree of comfort that I feel very unsettled , very lost and afraid . To look at me from the outside I could be smiling , but there is a lot of swan like motion under the surface . I have searched for ways and means to ease what’s going on in my head ... in there right now it is all barbed wire and sharp edges , there is no place to ease into and find rest , mornings are greeted with a panic alarm where I wake in full on panic attack mode ... not the best way to start any day and the after affects linger throughout them with muscle pain and a sore chest and the fear of the next one striking  . Trying to lie still after waking in this way is unbearable so I get up , no matter the time and try to function in some way to get through the worst of it when fear and adrenaline fill every cell in my body . 

I am writing this today as an attempt to apologize and explain my absence and to get back some semblance of normality in my life , also to let you know that there will be a minimum  of 1 post per week starting this coming week . Posts will be uploaded at the beginning of each week . It will be a mix of book and life blog posts  with the first one going up this coming Sunday / Monday . 

So lovelies I leave you now ... and hope to be back with you very soon ... mind yourselves xxxx