Thursday, January 7, 2016

Flawed by Ceceila Ahern . Review

I loved this dystopian story told through the eyes of the main character Celestine. Her world developed after the banking crisis and recession hit and a new form of control was created called Flawed , where those who did wrong would be marked / flawed and would never again be able to have the same rights as regular members of the community. Their crimes would be branded on them for all to see. Celestine is going out with the son of the head of the flawed department Judge Creven , a power mad man with a thirst for blood . To be flawed is the worst thing you can be for the rest of your life so when one day Celestine's world crumbles unexpectantly beneath her nobody could foresee the collateral damage it would do. This was a pure adrenaline ride of a story that I had to start and finish in one sitting . Celestine is a brave character who stands up for her principles and what she knows is right and so is a very likeable character but those are the very traits that will do her the most harm. I can't wait to read book two as this was truly awesome ! 

I received this book for review from the lovely people over at This book is going to be published in March 2016 and will be available from and all other good bookstores then.
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