Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Broken Sky by L.A Weatherly . Review

This is a dystopian story and the main character is a girl called Amity. She is a pilot for the Peacefighters. She is a second generation pilot and has flown through the ranks of this dangerous job where being brave has to be second nature. Amity's world depends greatly on astrological signs and when you were born , depending on the outcome it can mean good or bad things for you and the life of your family . The world is all about peace and harmony and keeping it that way no matter what , so anyone that the government has doubts about is punished. Amity lives with her mum and brother and she has a boyfriend called Collie who she is very close to . In this world they live in where harmony is important it soon becomes clear that behind this facade their lies corruption and lies at high up levels and it becomes increasingly hard for Amity to know who to trust and run to when things become dangerous for her , when she becomes wanted. This was an interesting world created around astrological signs and how the world is grouped depending on them. It was an interesting and enjoyable plot and Amity was an inspiring female lead character . 

I received this book for review from the lovely folks over at Lovereading4kids. This book is going to be published in March 2016 and will be available from Lovereading4kids and all other good bookstores then. 
Below please find a link to this on the Lovereading website:

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